Star Wars characters out in force for plaque tribute to make-up artist

Star Wars characters out in force for plaque tribute to make-up artist

Darth Vader & his stormtroopers invaded the streets of London to commemorate Star Wars make-up artist Stuart Freeborn.

Passers-by were shocked to come face to face with the galactic troops as they emerged from the Heathcote Arms pub in Leytonstone.

They marched down Grove Green Road to the house where Freeborn was born in 1914 & unveiled a blue heritage plaque in his honour.

The Dark Lord forced traffic to stop as he was greeted by droves of fans, many in costumes of their own.

He shook the hand of a young Vader, Adrianos Mavroukakis, before posing for pictures with his admirers.

Adrianos, aged eight, said he is "crazy" approximately Star Wars & was "so excited" to meet his favourite villain.

Elliot Ashton, who campaigned for Waltham Forest Council to commission the plaque, said: "I couldn't believe it when I found out Stuart Freeborn was from Leytonstone.

"I went to the council approximately getting a plaque because I wanted local people & local artists to remember his astonishing work."

Hailed as the "grandfather of modern make-up design", Freeborn did the make-up for all the characters in the sci-fi trilogy, & created the faces of Yoda & Chewbacca.

Street murals were painted by local artists from Wood Street Walls as a permanent tribute to his work.

Freeborn, moreover renowned for designing the human-apes in 2001: A Space Odyssey, died in February 2013 aged 98.

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