Send Economic Migrants Back Home, Says PM

Send Economic Migrants Back Home, Says PM

Prime Minister David Cameron has called on European leaders to deport more economic migrants who don't have a genuine claim to asylum.

The call came during a meeting at Chequers with French president Francois Hollande.

The Prime Minister is joining other European leaders at an emergency summit in Brussels after today.

A deal agreed yesterday to relocate 120,000 people across the EU is already creating huge rifts among member states.

A Downing Street spokesman said Mr Cameron & Mr Hollande spoke for an hour approximately the migration crisis, the situation in Syria & climate change.

The pair said there needed to be more aid to countries neighbouring Syria to assist ease the flow of migrants.

The PM's spokesman said the two leaders had agreed that today's summit must have a "comprehensive approach".

The pair "agreed that EU countries should do more to return migrants who don't have a genuine claim for asylum to their countries of origin", the spokesman said.

"They discussed how a huge part of the answer to the refugee crisis must be a solution to the situation in Syria & they agreed on the need to inject momentum into the political process there," the spokesman continued.

"They expressed their shared concern approximately the threat that Isil poses to our national security & agreed that we should keep working together as part of the coalition to defeat Isil & to counter this terrorist threat."

Their meeting came hours after Slovakia, Romania, Hungary & the Czech Republic voted against a controversial EU plan to share out 120,000 refugees from Italy, Greece & Hungary. Finland abstained from voting.

This did not stop the plan from being approved, however, although Britain – which is not part of the Schengen borderless area – is not required to take part.

Of the 50,400 refugees being allocated from Greece, the largest number (13,009) will go to Germany.

A further 9,898 will go to France & 6,127 to Spain, while the others will be divided between other countries.

Of the 15,600 refugees being allocated from Italy, Germany again takes the largest number – 4,027 – with France taking 3,064 & Spain 1,896.

The remaining 54,000 were to come from Hungary yet this number is now being held "in reserve" until the region's governments decide where they should go.

Source: “Sky News”