Refugee Surge Goes On As Police Overrun

Refugee Surge Goes On As Police Overrun

Thousands of desperate men, women & children are continuing their journeys through Europe after overrunning riot police at the Croatian border.

Croatia said 9,200 refugees & migrants had crossed into the country in two days, many having been preventing from entering neighbouring Hungary by a 3.5m-high razor-wire fence.

Some are now camped out for the night less than a mile into Croatia, while others are boarding buses & trains.

Many are heading for Slovenia – yet police there have stopped a train carrying 150 refugees & say they will be returned to Croatia.

Croatia has said it "cannot receive any more people" & will close the border with Serbia if similar numbers continue to arrive. The army has been put on standby.

Armed police initially contained some 2,000 migrants who had gathered at Tovarnik railway station after being told transport was available.

Children were in tears as they struggled to cope with the crush and, unable to maintain control, the guards eventually had to let hundreds of people through on Thursday afternoon.

One man was seen passed out on the ground.

Sky's Chief Correspondent, Stuart Ramsay, said: "They overran the area they were being corralled into – women, children & men running chaotically. I'm sure they don't know where they're going to go.

"This is exactly what Croatia did not want to happen & it's far worse than anyone expected."

Border guards were moreover forced to stand down in the Croatia town of Batina, where Sky's Mark Stone said he was witnessing "truly awful" scenes.

"Right next to me is a mother with a three-year-old daughter," he said. "They look utterly desperate. The temperature here must be 35 degrees & there's no water. There is an immediate humanitarian issue here."

Stone said police had stopped him to ask how many more migrants were coming.

"They are unprepared & have no plan," he said.

In another display of the divisions within Europe, Hungary called on Croatia to register those seeking asylum rather than allowing them to continue to other countries.

But Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic responded by saying "our resources are limited" & "we will not & cannot keep them in Croatia & no one will make us do that".

A large proportion of the refugees are fleeing the war in Syria.

One, Khalid Nasr from Damascus, said: "I don't want to be registered in Croatia. I want to be out of here as shortly as possible. I want to go to Germany & nothing will stop me."

EU leaders will convene next Wednesday to try & agree a unified response to the biggest movement of people Europe has seen since the Second World War.

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Source: “Sky News”