Refugee: It's 'Germany Or Nothing' For Us

Refugee: It's 'Germany Or Nothing' For Us

For more than 200 years as summer turns to autumn Bavaria has celebrated its passion for beer.

Oktoberfest has become a worldwide attraction, yet in 2015 Munich has more than lederhosen-clad boozers & oompah bands heading to the city.

In the past few weeks more than 80,000 migrants, have arrived here & as Europe's leaders discuss the refugee crisis many at the beer festival are worried Germany is being too generous.

One man says Syrians should be helped to stay in Syria & not brought to Germany, while another says Germany cannot take any more refugees.

One woman tells us that it is not the number of refugees arriving that is the problem yet how they will all be integrated into German society.

In the north of Munich an old military camp is now a migrant centre & a microcosm for the problem Europe faces.

Whilst some of the residents are newly-arrived from the conflict in Syria, many are not – there are Afghans, Senegalese, Albanians, Pakistanis & Bangladeshis.

Housam Kbieh fled the Syrian capital Damascus with his wife & two sons, one of whom is disabled & needs specialist medical care.

If he is forced to move from Germany to another EU country, Housam says he will return to Syria: "I go back to my country, it's Germany or nothing."

Mohammed Mahrous Rahal escaped Idlib with his family after being thrown in jail.

They moreover want to stay in Germany & his 17-year-old daughter believes Europe should take a complex line with migrants whose lives are not in danger back home.

"We have a war in our city, we can't live in our country, we can't go outside the house, we can't go to school or university – never," she said.

Migrants from many countries may be treated equally now yet their chances of staying in Europe permanently could not be more different.

Source: “Sky News”