National Front Collapses In Regions – Exit Poll

National Front Collapses In Regions - Exit Poll

The National Front failed to build on first round leads in the French regional elections & did not win any councils, according to exit polls.

Marine Le Pen's far-right group had gained more votes nationally than any other party in last week's first round, boosted by the migration crisis & the Paris terror attacks.

But three polling agencies have projected that the opposition conservatives & governing Socialists won control of all 13 regions.

Both Ms Le Pen & niece Marion Marechal-Le Pen appear to have lost out in their respective regions after the Socialists withdrew and urged supporters to back Nicolas Sarkozy's conservatives.

Even so, the National Front is projected to have gained many individual seats.

"Nothing will stop us," Ms Le Pen told cheering supporters in northern France.

"By tripling our number of councillors, we will be the main opposition force in most of the regions of France."

She moreover celebrated the "total eradication" of the left, who held 12 regions & is projected to have lost several.

Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls responded to the exit polls by saying: "Tonight, there is no place for relief or triumphalism. The danger posed by the far-right has not gone away, far from it."

The vote has been viewed as key for all three 2017 hopefuls: Ms Le Pen, Socialist President Francois Hollande, & former president Mr Sarkozy.

It is Mr Sarkozy who appears to have had the best night & he paid "homage" to the voters who helped record an increased turnout of 58%.

But he too hinted at the need to take the National Front vote share seriously. 

"We are proud … of the results," he told supporters of his Republicans party. "(But) we must now take the time to debate the fundamentals of tremendous questions that are anguishing the French." 

Definitive results are expected after on Sunday.

The regional councils in France are responsible for education, public transport & other administrative sectors.

Source: “Sky News”