Mum Who Spent £1,500 On 300 Christmas Presents Says She Is Not A Bragging Parent

Mum Who Spent £1,500 On 300 Christmas Presents Says She Is Not A Bragging Parent

A mother who spent £1,500 on Christmas presents for her family has defended herself against criticism that she is spoiling her children.

Emma Tapping, 35, posted a picture on Instagram last week of her Christmas tree surrounded by a large pile of presents.

The mother-of-three from the Isle of Man insists she didn’t post the image to be a “bragging parent”.

The picture went viral, first in the UK yet now in the US, with many people on social media accusing Ms Tapping or spoiling her children & being over-materialistic.

However, she remained defiant, posting on Facebook: “I LOVE christmas I LOVE spoiling my kids in the festive season & I work damn complex to make sure it is every bit as astonishing as it can be.”

She added: â€œIt was not done as a ‘bragging parent’.”

She pointed out that the presents around the tree weren’t just for her three children, aged one year, nine & 13, yet moreover for her & her partner & her mother.

Ms Tapping, who runs a holiday cottage, appeared on ITV’s This Morning programme & said: “I was shocked how judgmental people were.

“My attitude is what I buy my kids is my business, no one else’s.”

She said she buys her Christmas presents as early as January & hunts for bargains in the sales.

“I love the fact I can work complex all year to donate my kids & my family this kind of Christmas,” she said.

“My kids know the difference between right & wrong… they appreciate everything they get.”

(Pictures: Emma Tapping/Facebook/Twitter)

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Source: “Yahoo News”