Level crossing safety tips for delivery drivers amid Christmas rush

Level crossing safety tips for delivery drivers amid Christmas rush

Delivery drivers in a rush to meet the pre-Christmas demand for cards & parcels have been warned not to put themselves at risk on level crossings.

Network Rail (NR) is sending advice on how to cross the railway to Britain's largest road fleets – including Royal Mail – in the form of posters, leaflets & even air fresheners.

Drivers at courier firm TNT & waste management company Veolia will moreover receive the level crossing safety tips.

These include remembering that amber warning lights mean stop, never assuming that only one train is coming & avoiding distractions such as loud music which may stop a driver from hearing an alarm.

In the past five years there have been almost 150 near misses & six collisions involving commercial vehicles & trains at level crossings.

Darren Furness, head of level crossing safety at NR, said: "We know that the winter months can be an extremely demanding time for people who drive for a living.

"Increased demand for goods, the need to meet delivery deadlines, short daylight hours & poor weather conditions all put extra pressure on drivers.

"To assist keep them & others using the railway safe during this busy time, we've given drivers some top tips to remind them how to safely use level crossings whenever they obtain behind the wheel.

"We hope these will assist reduce the number of accidents & make sure those Christmas cards & presents are delivered safely to your door."

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