Leona Lewis aims to inspire with 'I Am'

Leona Lewis aims to inspire with 'I Am'

LOS ANGELES (AP) — "I Am" is Leona Lewis' first post-Simon Cowell offering, yet the aftermath of their professional split resonates throughout her fifth studio album.

"It was very complex & very nerve-racking because I didn't know what I'd be walking into once I left Simon. I had no idea," Lewis said. "I needed to kind of create my own path, & I went out & created the album based on … the strength that it took to walk away from different situations."

Cowell signed the British-born singer to his label, Syco Music, after she won "The X-Factor" in 2006. In 2014, after collaborating on four albums over eight years, Lewis wrote an open letter to fans detailing her decision to leave Syco.

p>"I cannot make music that does not speak to my soul, & as scary as it seemed, I could no longer compromise myself, & so I decided to leave," Lewis, 30, said in a handwritten note posted on her Twitter account.

But in a recent interview, the "Bleeding Love" singer insisted there's no offensive blood.

"Simon has been so astonishing & instrumental in my career, yet it was just time for me to move on & time for me to do something different, & I wanted to seek out a different label that had kind of a different energy," she said.

Lewis, who's signed with Universal's Island Records, said she's in a better place emotionally & aims to inspire with "I Am."

She sings approximately the courage to come back after being held down in the song "Thunder" & feeling stronger & freer on her own in the album's title track.

"I unquestionably have learned a lot approximately my own strength & how much I can take. I can take things into my own hands & take control of situations that maybe I wouldn't have before. So I wrote a lot approximately that," she said.




Source: “Associated Press”