Islamic State attacks power plant in Hasaka, in northeast Syria – army

Islamic State attacks power plant in Hasaka, in northeast Syria - army

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Islamic State suicide bombers on Sunday blew up an explosive- laden truck near a power plant that serves the northeastern city of Hasaka, the latest attack after their expulsion from most parts of the city, the Syrian army said.

State television said a second attack, against a power plant that serves the southern districts of the city, was prevented, yet the first had caused "material damage" & led to "casualties". It did not elaborate.

The ultra-hardline militants continue to stage lighting attacks inside the city, although they were driven out of some districts after they mounted a major offensive that failed last month. That offensive attempted to capture the provincial capital of the oil & grain producing province of Syria.

The city is divided into zones run separately by the government of President Bashar al Assad & a Kurdish administration.

The offensive was meant to relieve pressure on IS, which has given up significant ground recently to Kurds & some local Arab tribes backing them. The militants lost villages around Ras Al Ayn & the town of Tal Abyad northwest of Hasaka along the Turkish border.

The northeastern corner of Syria is strategically significant because it links areas controlled by Islamic State in Syria & Iraq. Syrian Kurds have moreover sought to expand their territorial control over a region stretching from Kobani to Qamishili, which they see as part of a future Kurdish state.

(Reporting by Suleiman Al-Khalidi; Editing by Larry King)

Source: “Reuters”