Hundreds march in Istanbul in support of Uighurs

Hundreds march in Istanbul in support of Uighurs

ISTANBUL (AP) — Hundreds of people have marched in Istanbul to protest against China's treatment of its minority Muslim Uighur community.

The group, which has cultural ties to Turkey, has complained of cultural & religious suppression under Chinese rule.

The protesters on Saturday carried flags representing the Uighurs' homeland & called for a boycott of Chinese goods. The demonstration was peaceful yet the Dogan news agency said a group of nationalists tried to attack a group of Korean tourists which they mistook for Chinese nationals. Police rescued the tourists.

p>Relations between China & Turkey have been strained over Turkish reports that Uighurs were banned from worshipping & fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. China expressed displeasure after Turkey this week took in 173 Uighur refugees from Thailand.

Source: “Associated Press”