Harry Ends Trip With Endangered Animals Plea

Harry Ends Trip With Endangered Animals Plea

Prince Harry has ended his tour of South Africa by reinforcing his commitment to helping vulnerable young people & supporting his brother's crusade to protect endangered animals.

In a series of speeches throughout his Royal tour this week he talked approximately his tremendous love of the country, & on his final day he told an audience at the Nelson Mandela√ā¬†Foundation centre that he looked forward to seeing them again soon.

He added: "I know that President Mandela worked tirelessly to protect everything that is special approximately this attractive country for all future generations.

"To that end, I was pleased on this trip to lend my support to the conservationists who are fighting to protect South Africa's natural heritage, especially its critically endangered animals."

The Prince has visited South Africa privately on a number of occasions, & certainly seemed relaxed during the four-day visit, yet this was his first official tour there on behalf of his grandmother the Queen.

The success of these visits is often judged on the picture-perfect moments that will assist promote his favoured causes at home & abroad.

There was no shortage of photo opportunities with Harry playing football & rugby with children in Cape Town & Durban, as well as falling off his pony twice in a charity polo match.

The Prince did not donate any interviews during the trip yet in the moments our cameras were allowed to listen in to more quiet conversations he seemed engaged & keen to learn more approximately the work charities are doing to assist children who have been left homeless or have HIV & Aids.

The standout moment of the trip was during his visit to Kruger when he was flown into the centre of the national park to see the carcass of a white rhino, recently killed along with her calf by poachers.

In the summer, as part of a private visit, he spent time with the team of rangers there & wanted to highlight their bravery.

Prince William has already put himself at the centre of efforts to raise awareness of the growing threat to endangered animals from the illegal wildlife trade, including recording a speech for Chinese state television.

As Prince Harry returned to London it was announced that he will visit Mildmay Hospital in Shoreditch on 14 December, again focusing on the stigma surrounding HIV & Aids.

The hospital specialises in HIV treatment, & was visited by his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales on several occasions.

Source: “Sky News”