EU To Offer Africa Deals To Take Back Migrants

EU To Offer Africa Deals To Take Back Migrants

European leaders will promise a trust fund worth €1.8bn if African countries do more to assist the refugee & migrant crisis.

A summit beginning in Malta today brings together representatives from Africa & the EU, which has seen thousands of people making a perilous crossing by boat to the small Mediterranean island.

The meeting comes as a group of Greek divers spoke of the "dark day" they pulled the bodies of 11 women & children from the wreck of a migrant boat.

More than 50 leaders will try & find a solution to the crisis, including countries where many of the refugees & migrants originate from such as Eritrea, Niger, Ethiopia, Somalia, & Sudan.

Speaking to the Maltese parliament ahead of the summit, European Council President Donald Tusk said the crisis "will challenge & alter the EU as fundamentally as any treaty amendment, national election or monetary crisis".

He added that EU leaders must find a way of better managing the "intense migratory pressures."

This year 1.2m people entered the EU illegally.

The summit will revolve around five key discussions:

:: Addressing the root causes of the crisis such as conflict & poverty

:: Improving legal migration channels

:: Protecting vulnerable migrants & asylum seekers

:: Tackling exploitation & trafficking

:: Improving co-operation on returning migrants to their country of origin

In return for taking back people classified as economic migrants rather than refugees, Europe is poised to provide more money to assist solve conflicts & poverty in Africa.

Source: “Sky News”