Carjacker Shot Dead In Dramatic Police Chase

Carjacker Shot Dead In Dramatic Police Chase

Dashcam footage has been released showing a carjacker speeding the wrong way up a one-way street & firing at police during a dramatic chase.

Police in Seattle say Raymond Azevedo stole three cars in a single day & led officers on a dangerous high-speed chase in an attempt to avoid arrest.

He was eventually shot dead by officers after he was rammed in one of the stolen cars.

The chase began on Sunday afternoon when workers at a Seattle coffee shop told police there was a man with a gun inside.

Azevado after ran into a tattoo shop & stole a Volkswagen at gunpoint, then drove to an athletic centre & stole a minivan at gunpoint.

He then stopped at a rental car business & forcing two employees to donate him a Chevy Camaro.

The chase through Seattle reached speeds of up to 70mph, with Azevedo firing back at his pursuers.

Eventually he tried to evade a barricade of police cars before an officer hit him head-on & another rammed him.

Officers then took cover behind their cars & opened fire, killing Azevedo inside the vehicle.

Police say he was found to have two guns inside the car.

Authorities say Azevedo had previously been jailed four times for offences including unlawful possession of a firearm, assault & attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle.

Source: “Sky News”