Cameron: Labour A Threat To Family Security

Cameron: Labour A Threat To Family Security

David Cameron will claim the Labour party is a "clear threat to the financial security of every family in Britain" in a speech after today.

The Prime Minister will say that no matter who wins the leadership contest  on Saturday, Labour has become extremist & "no longer represents working people".

He will moreover use a speech in Leeds to frame the Conservatives as a "progressive" party seeking to spread opportunity for all & increase social mobility.

Mr Cameron will say the Conservative Government will pursue these goals by following the example of successful businesses, seeking new ways of doing things & delivering more for less in "a smarter state".

He will add the Labour leadership contest has showed the party still does not understand the need to cut the national deficit & reform services.

"It's as if the financial crash, or the election for that matter, never happened," he will say.

"Whoever wins the Labour leadership tomorrow, this is now a party that has completely vacated the intellectual playing field & no longer represents working people.

"It is arguing at the extremes of the debate, simply wedded to more spending, more borrowing, & more taxes.

"They pose a clear threat to the financial security of every family in Britain. There's only one party that understands the huge question facing our country, & one party that is developing an answer to it – & that's the modern Conservative Party."

Mr Cameron will argue many of the Government's reforms which have been branded "cuts" are in fact examples of using new technology & innovative thinking to "deliver more for less", as profitable firms do.

He will suggest reforms which break state monopolies & bring in new providers with new approaches can "cut the cost of failure" in areas like prisons & the child care system.

"Spreading opportunity, increasing social mobility, helping people obtain on – these aims run through this Government like letters through a stick of rock," Mr Cameron will say.

"Central to all this is being the Government that finishes the job of turning around our economy & clearing the deficit.

"But what we are showing is that deficit reduction & an opportunity society are not alternatives. They can complement each other. Because with a smarter state, we can spend less & deliver more."

Source: “Sky News”