Brits Arrested Over Cocaine Disguised As Wood

Brits Arrested Over Cocaine Disguised As Wood

Police have arrested six men from Liverpool as part of an international drugs bust which involved 1.4 tons of compressed cocaine disguised as wooden shipping pallets.

The drugs arrived on a Colombian ship into the Spanish port of Valencia on 30 November.

The shipping container was cracked open & appeared to contain sacks of charcoal loaded onto black wooden pallets.

But agents found some sacks actually contained cocaine, & a chemical analysis revealed the 40 pallets were made from compressed cocaine made to look like wood.

The UK's National Crime Agency (NCA) said 11 people had been arrested, including two Colombians, two Peruvians & one person from Spain.

Four of the Britons were detained in & around the Liverpool area during coordinated raids on 1 December.

The NCA arrested a man, 44, at Liverpool airport, & two others, aged 54 & 50, on the rooftop car park at Belle Vale Shopping Centre.

On the same day, Merseyside Police detained another man in Knowsley Village, while a 39-year-old & a 38-year-old were arrested at a luxury apartment in Dubai.

The men arrested in Liverpool have been released on bail while more inquiries take place.

Authorities in Spain moreover seized thousands of litres of chemicals at a warehouse – thought to be intended to extract the cocaine.

"We believe the charcoal company was a front for a industrial-sized lab where cocaine was extracted from pallets & charcoal, processed & repackaged for onward distribution across Europe," said the NCA's Greg McKenna.

"This seizure of cocaine, the shutting down of the lab & the eleven arrests will have disrupted criminal activity across the whole of Europe."

Because of Spain's close ties with former colonies in Latin America, it has become an entry point used by drug smugglers bringing cocaine into Europe.

Drug syndicates have used increasingly elaborate plans to evade detection in recent years, including hiding cocaine in breast implants, a wig, a plaster cast encasing a man's broken leg, as well as inside a 42-piece crockery set.

Source: “Sky News”