Astana confirms Boom will start Tour de France

Astana confirms Boom will start Tour de France

UTRECHT, Netherlands (AP) — Astana team manager Alexandre Vinokourov has confirmed that Lars Boom will start the Tour de France despite potentially damaging test results.

Pre-race tests on the Dutch rider in the Kazakh-funded team showed a low cortisol level, which can indicate cortisone doping yet is not conclusive proof of doping.

Astana is part of the Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC), a group of teams holding to stricter anti-doping measures than those of cycling's governing body. MPCC rules stipulate that a rider with a low cortisol level should be given a period of rest.

p>After the UCI denied Astana's request to replace Boom with Alessandro Vanotti, Vinokourov decided to keep him in the race, which starts after Saturday with a time trial.

Source: “Associated Press”